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Custom BookcasesHave a special area for custom bookcases to fit in your home? We can create a solid wood book case for you in any width, height, depth and wood species to fit that special space. We can make it out of 100% solid oak, quarter sawn oak, cherry, rustic cherry, walnut, maple, brown maple, mahogany or poplar. We can also make it out of a combination of fine furniture veneers and solid wood fronts for added strength and lower cost. In fact, the custom bookshelves you'll find in our gallery represent only a small sampling of the vast array of solid wood bookcases we have and can create. If you don't see what you are looking for, call us and tell us what you need. "If you can sketch it, we can create it."

Is your home office filled nearly from floor to ceiling with your vast collections of books, accumulated throughout his years as an aspiring academic? A custom bookcase sounds like the perfect solution for you! Everything ranging from obscure encyclopedias to historical accounts of past president’s lives clutters that room and spills into others, much to your family’s dismay. Books line the walls, up to three feet high in places, and make your narrow hallway even more narrow. Great works lay smothered beneath mediocre fiction novels and when the dog chases the cat, these piles often come tumbling down. If only you could move the unattractive stacks and display your books as they deserve -- into a custom bookcase!

Custom Bookcase

At Odhner & Odhner, we dedicate ourselves to the creation and construction of home libraries. From actual designs for the libraries to furnishings designed specifically for home libraries, Odhner & Odhner provides the future library owner an unlimited amount of information on libraries. Libraries do not always have to serve as just places to store books and certainly do not need to encompass entire rooms.

We have the capability to build your custom bookcase that not only will store hundreds of books, but can also transform a plain wall into one filled with much more interesting things. Many people do not often desire to showcase just books, but simply want to fill a blank wall of their home with some beautiful, yet functional wood furniture. Custom bookshelves can function as places to display more than simply books, too. Customers often decorate their custom home libraries with antique vases, picture frames and floral arrangements in addition to a few books. Libraries can serve many functions within an individual’s home.

Custom BookshelvesIn addition to custom-built home libraries, we also specialize in building built-in bookcases can be sized to your space and are created to your specifications. They are similar to our freestanding custom bookcases, but created to fit side-by-side in the area you select. Based on your dimentions and specifications, we manufacture custom bookcases sized to fit and install them for you.

Whether you desire a functional storage space to organize and neaten your living space, or a work that will beautify your blank wall, there is certainly a custom home library available to you. Custom bookshelves can be created to fit into just about any space. Libraries are available to you for a wide range of prices. Contact Odhner & Odhner today to get started. A custom bookcase can transform a plain room into a beautiful place for displaying books and pictures and can truly add to the beauty and value of your home!

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